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Adobe Premier CS4 Serial
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Well here it is the real thing. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do xD.

*  1132-1862-0020-7544-0131-8906
*  1132-1281-0282-0049-6154-0638
*  1132-1041-5838-4918-6785-2029
*  1132-1129-3131-1711-4533-1759
*  1132-1590-7534-7820-3261-3612
*  1132-1052-1511-5190-4079-2549
*  1132-1393-2243-5997-2850-3756
*  1132-1102-6066-2215-1824-2104
*  1132-1760-9751-6007-0247-5222
*  1132-1524-8270-7133-4577-7065

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